Comparative Education is a fully established academic field of study that examines education in one country (or group of countries) by using data and insights drawn from the practices and si In this chapter, we will examine the definitions, concept and various meanings of Comparative Education. It will also include the various possible methods of studying the
subject of Comparative Education in another country or countries. The significance of education in the growth and development of a country makes different nations of the world to operate one system of education or the other. To a large extent, the form of education of any given society determines the level of its development and the rate of this development depends strongly on the policies developed, adapted or adopted and practiced to achieve a balance in both physical growth of the nation and the general well being of its citizens.

The exposes you  to an understanding of many conceptsof educational management and it's application it's application in administration of educational will also assist administrators to be to apply these concepts to tasks and roles as school heads and chief executives in education sector. 

This course exposes students to topics in pure Mathematics such as matrices and their applications in solving problems.