Available courses

This course deals on a philosophical analysis of culture, exposing the link between culture and philosophy. It emphasizes the role culture plays in shaping the philosophical outlook.

This course introduces to the student, the nature of administration in public and private sectors given influencing ecological factors. The student is expected to acquire skills for public administration.

This course enables the student to acquire general knowledge level on social conflict within the polity and the need to work towards resolution and lasting peace. Its aim is to impart basic skills for conflict management and peace-making to the students. This arms them with basic insights and skill needed in leadership, management, promotion of peace, social analysis and even to pursue a career in the field later on.

This course exposes the student to the origin and development of Nigeria constitution, the benefits and shortcomings in the constitutions as well as the insights to be derived in evolving a mutually beneficial constitution for a society. The student is expected to acquire the skills in constitutional analysis and policy formulation.

Translation of ordinary language logic to the use of signs and symbols.