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The earth is one of the nine planets in the solar system. It is the only planet that has life. The structure and composition of the earth are most suitable for sustained habitation by people and other living things.

Philosophy of Religion deals with critical /rational approach into the study of Religion as a phenomenon. It rationally investigates the claims of religion, analyzing the different aspects of religion as asking questions about religion , the truths of Faith and religious beliefs. It studies God and spiritual beings not from the point of faith, but as given phenomena.

This course demystified statistics to a friendly level where students can manipulate data without fear. As a result of the importance of statistics to scientist, the material careful treats statistics from the scratch to a high level. students are therefore advised to make this material friendly and explore to their own advantage. 

Inferential statistics is an aspect of statistics that gathers data from a given population or sample, analyze the data and make decision. As the name implies, it helps in making decision as to either accept or reject the null hypothesis. it introduces the learner to the elementary variables of inferential statistics, sampling, gathering of data, analysis of data and decision making using the instrumentality of statistics.